2 Strategies for Driving Brand Growth - What to Know

Published on
April 18, 2022
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For many decades, businesses have concerned themselves with the pursuit of constant growth, one that proves to be vital as industries grow more competitive each day.

When you started your tech or SaaS company, you most likely started your journey with the goal of evolving your business while improving everything around you. Over time, this aspiration has developed into a constant and tangible target of constant growth because of how actionable it is compared to any other goal you might have in mind. In your time so far of growing a tech-driven company, the list of different measures that you’ve taken over time to achieve your targets is something that continues to grow.

As you strive to develop life-changing solutions while cementing your place in today’s fast-paced SaaS, application, and tech industries, you’ve likely invested in several tools and systems. From cutting-edge pieces of software to airtight systems to maintain performance and deliver growth, every key piece has allowed you to maximize your growth potential unlike ever before.

With all this talk about growth and using the right methods and tools to achieve such results, there’s one question that you need to ask yourself: Are you using the right strategies to drive your brand growth as well?

Strategies worth considering

Admittedly, the idea of “brand growth” can seem like something so nuanced with details and technicalities that it’s not worth worrying about, especially considering everything else that’s going on in your business. Well, this shouldn’t be the case.

You might not realize it now, but the way you approach your SaaS, app, or tech start-up’s brand growth efforts can make the difference between success and failure. As more businesses face the challenge of standing out amid competitive intensity in the market, it’s clear that brands must be cultivated to survive in today’s fast-growing economy.

Here are two game-changing strategies to help you get back on track:

1. Ingrain availability in your persona to make it much easier to choose

With more users demanding convenience, there is now a need to fulfill it with an equal amount of willingness to make things easier for your customers, something that also involves your brand.

At this time, the main point that anyone should keep in mind when sparking rallies of growth in their image is that brands must ensure that they’re available in places where consumers expect them to be. By taking the time to develop different ways that will help customers access your brand much easier while making it an obvious choice among others, you’ll be able to net tremendous results!

Here some ways to achieve this effect for your brand:

  • Craft “frictionless” purchasing experiences by removing any barriers to purchases (such as limited payment methods)
  • Invest in methods like automatic replenishment to make purchasing processes easier
  • Improve your search engine visibility efforts to increase your availability

2. Build upon a competitive advantage and refine the way you use it

The meat of any tech brand’s growth potential will always lie in its ability to blaze a trail by using its competitive advantage to its advantage.

Today, the constant development of technology, creative efforts, and cutting-edge methods allows forward-thinking professionals to find design, services, purposes, and positioning work opportunities. If you truly want to ensure that your brand has every chance to stand out and bear its maximum potential, then you’ll need to fulfill two critical factors when improving its competitive advantage:

  • Your efforts must be able to differentiate your brand meaningfully from its competitors
  • Your brand must be built in a way where it can address a functional or emotional need (or both)


When it comes to providing your start-up with the advantage it needs to stand out and rake in as much success as possible, one critical factor you need to consider is the way you pay attention to your brand growth efforts. Through the two strategies mentioned above, you can make up for the lost time and help ensure that your business is ready to take its efforts for success to the next level!

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