4 Modern Design Elements That Can Boost Engagement

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Traditionally, a good design is created to enhance a product and is usually done a few days before its launch. However, this is way different from how we handle graphic design today. Modern advertising incorporates well-thought-of design early on in a marketing campaign, taking advantage of the internet and the saturated marketplace to pull in leads.

In modern design concepts, a good design doesn't only have an impressive layout; engagement and interaction are now big factors that are considered in every design process. Why? The answer is simple — it elevates your customer's experiences, which could ultimately increase your sales.

Because creating compelling design strategies is quite tricky, many business owners leave this task to the professionals. Collaborating with experienced creative agencies will surely boost your brand's visual content, increasing your chances of getting better online visibility and leads.

Now that you know engagement plays a huge factor in design, keep reading. Here are some design elements you can incorporate into your content to boost brand engagement. Let's get to it!

1. Logo Placement

Just because your logo is on your visual content doesn't mean it's done. Line up all your posters and social media visuals; do they all look consistent? If your answer is now, one of the reasons could be your logo placement.

Visual consistency encourages engagement. For this reason, your size and logo placement should be uniform and cohesive with your design. Your log doesn't have to overpower the whole design; instead, it must blend naturally to your content's aesthetics, allowing customers to appreciate it more.

2. Color Scheme and Typography

Colors are associated with emotions, and for that reason, you need to ensure you're using the right color scheme if you want to reel people into your brand. Choosing the right color scheme can strengthen your brand's recognition since it increases brand recall and leaves a strong impression on consumers.

Besides the colors you use, the typography in your design also matters. This detail adds value to your content since this is how you share your brand's voice and message. When you choose the right font, your message is clearer and more powerful, evoking the right feelings and strengthening your brand's values.

3. Consistent Layout

As mentioned earlier, consistency is key to fantastic and effective design, and besides your logo placement, you also need to consider your layouts. Having a consistent structure will improve brand recognition with customers.

Once you've found an impactful layout design, it's best to stick with it and use it throughout your campaign. Not only will it save your graphics team so much time, but it will also ensure uniformity, encourage familiarity with your audience, and boost customer engagement.

Working with creative agencies will help you develop effective layouts that will increase your content's shareability and improve your brand's visual unity.

4. Storytelling

One of the most crucial design principles that your team should integrate is making sure that your content looks alive and is telling a story. Many business owners forget that they're talking to people on the other side of the screen, and because of that, they tend to produce flat, lifeless content.

When you have a solid theme for your campaign, make sure that all your design elements harmoniously blend to produce strong and impactful visual content that consumers will engage with.

Providing content that shares a story promotes a positive sentiment to your brand and opens the opportunity for engagement. Besides that, it also gives your audience more information about your brand's values and personalities, increasing trust and improving your relationship with them.

The Bottom Line: Effective Design Doesn't Only Focus on Aesthetics but Interaction and Engagement with the Audience

What's the use of visually stunning content when it doesn't push your audience to engage with their peers and your brand? Gone are the days when companies would only post graphics just for the sake of sharing content.

In the present, business owners collaborate with creative agencies to produce content focused on building relationships with their target marketing, ultimately boosting their brand's standing in a saturated marketplace.

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