4 Strategies for Writing Engaging Social Media Copy

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Social media marketing has created a whole new branch of advertising in the digital age. It has become wholly necessary in the modern age, especially in the pandemic era. It is impossible to survive without it now, especially if your business caters to individual consumers.

While the prospect of writing all that social media copy might seem a little daunting, we have created this guide to writing engaging social media copy for entrepreneurs. A digital agency certainly can do this for you, but you will have to connect directly with your target audience from time to time. With no further ado, here are four engaging strategies for writing engaging social media copy:

1 - Come up with a set of brand guidelines

The key to building a brand is consistency. The more consistent your copy is, the more effectively users will be able to perceive your brand. This is the way to get your customers to associate positive qualities and the right concepts to your brand.

Recognition goes beyond your copy. Your imagery, logos, colors, and fonts should be uniform across all your social media platforms. Your values and mission should also be as visible as possible.

2 - Set realistic goals

One of the best ways to achieve success on social media is by setting the right goals. While it is admirable to have high aspirations, you would be able to achieve these better if you set some realistic goals along the way.

For example, your goal could be to reach a million tweets under your branded hashtag, but that might be difficult while you only have a hundred followers. It might be better to go about increasing your followers to a few thousands in the meantime!

3 - Combine social media with mail

There are over three billion active users on Facebook and Instagram, with every user spending an average of four hours daily. While these statistics might seem staggering, this does not mean that good digital agencies should allow you to neglect other forms of marketing.

Mail, in particular, has high rates of success. Combined with social media in an omnichannel marketing campaign, they can increase their overall effectiveness. You can enjoy the benefits of both print and digital marketing with such strategies.

4 - Use hashtags

Hashtags are a fantastic way to create branded content. They can be used to stir up interest and generate user interaction with your business. The best part of hashtags is that they create an archive for you to peruse freely. Any user-generated content would be much easier to find as well.

Just make sure to ask for permission before using anybody else’s content. It also pays to use these sparingly. Overloading your posts with hashtags might turn off some of your followers.

Final thoughts

There are plenty of opportunities in social media marketing. Though the management of social media pages and accounts can seem like a tedious task, the right strategies can certainly make it easier even for the technologically-challenged.

As an entrepreneur, you should consider hiring a digital agency to manage your social media. We at Grapheec offer a subscription-based digital marketing service that can help your brand move more quickly in the world.