5 Branding Mistakes You Might Not Realize You’re Making

Published on
April 18, 2022
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The tech industry can have some of the most progressive and fast-paced developments. Aside from the products and services offered, another way these companies can stand out from the pack is by having a distinct brand. Many usually distinguish a particular company by how they’re branded and their appearance, aside from other things.

It’s important not to fall short and blend in with all the other start-ups. Gain an edge by carrying out the right branding strategy. And of course, before formulating the right ones, it’s important to take note of which moves can damage your brand overall. Here are five branding mistakes you’ll want to steer clear of:

Forgetting to Register a Trademark

Businesses should know that it’s priority number one to register and secure a trademark with terms that are associated with your brand. Without a registered trademark, you can contest when a business of the same nature uses a word, phrase, or symbol that’s associated with your brand.

Not only can competitors take advantage of that, but you’re at risk of confusing the customers. If they wanted to purchase your service and see a symbol, they may just automatically assume that it’s yours when it isn’t. Protect your brand by getting those elements trademarked.

Skipping the Research and Fact-Checking

Some business owners may think that it’s fine to let research slide and proceed with planning how the brand is going to look. However, limited knowledge can lead to many blunders in the long run. What if another company already took a name? What if certain symbols and moves were culturally insensitive towards your target market?

Spare yourself the distress by searching relevant information. Along every step of the way of branding, it won’t hurt to pull up the good ol’ search engine and just see whether the decisions you’re eyeing are clear from being offensive or damaging.

Putting Less Effort in Choosing the Elements

Perhaps your tech business is already equipped with the right information, and there’s just a struggle with coming up with the right elements, like a domain name or the right colors. Don’t go with the first thing you think of. Instead, question yourself about the meaning behind those elements and put some thought into it.

Picking Clashing Elements for Your Brand

When it comes to creating outputs and sharing your brand, you may encounter a couple of roadblocks, such as clashing elements. It’s essential to have some consistency and cohesion with your branding, which is why it’s more ideal to choose your elements with the idea of creating one image that will represent your brand and what you have to offer.

Ignoring the Need for a Second Opinion

Many companies will often give the green light for a branding strategy without getting a second opinion on whether it’s good and what can be improved. Speak with creative agencies and specialists who can give you some penny for your thoughts and have effective branding from the start.


It can be a little discouraging if you’ve committed any of the mistakes mentioned above, but that doesn’t have to be the end of it. Work on your branding or enlist the services of a branding agency so that your business can start being distinct among your competitors and for your clients.

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