Hi, we are Grapheec

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Companies grow and mature, just like people do. With growth comes change, and we’re embracing it — with a fresh and improved look.

We are not afraid to say we continue to learn and acquire information and data on how to better help our clientele. We believe this process should be exposed in milestones, presenting both a strategic and visual change to our mission.

Grapheec Logo in Movement

Why the soft rebrand?

Grapheec started as a sandbox project. Yep...  
Slowly, we transformed into something we considered solid and inspirational. As we evolved, our former offerings and image did not fit our new vision anymore.

With our new brand, we can now better convey our potential. We now offer a Creative Full-Service.

We define ourselves as a company dedicated to bringing affordable and useful solutions to new entrepreneurial ideas. We are a full-service creative agency offering high-quality and comprehensive design made accessible to all companies.

Next-generation-prepared; we love technology.

Our creative agency recognizes that the new and common target user is part of upcoming generations, which is the reason our brand will introduce techniques that empower young entrepreneurs with strategies to help them succeed.

On their track to success, many of these young entrepreneurs may need big support on creativity, which shouldn't be taken as an understatement. Not all, but some of our clients focus mainly on technology and "As a Service" models, which require a strong digital connection to thrive as a healthy business.

Grapheec will support that need, and allow you to focus on other crucial (techy) aspects without breaking your designated budget nor sacrificing your risk factor.

Creativity within creativity

A new phase comes with a new face; so we are about to introduce our fresh looks.

Our logo

Our mark is the center of our brand. It contains the basic and secret elements to the rest of the brand recipe. We can't reveal everything to you at once, but a good example is the interaction of spaces and correlation to guides.

Grapheec Logo with Grids

Our type

Our new typeface has a fresh look but still designed to be used across all devices and places you can imagine. You will love seeing "Space" as our new guy.

Space Grotesk is a sans-serif variation of the fixed-width Space Mono. Both participate consistently in our new brand.

Grotesk displays an angular quirkiness while still offering a functional face suitable for many uses. In our case, for example, it is considered our primary typeface.

Mono, on the other hand, is used on call to actions, legends, and places where the user requires an emphasis to make decisions or look for supplemental information. This version of Space also maintains the shape but incorporates a fixed-pitch.

Inter is our regular font which is used on text that needs to fallback, e.g. newsletters. This font also participates in other places of the brand that are less linked to visual interaction.


Our Illustration

Our characters and style of illustration is simple yet fun. They are implemented as a way to guide and add company to the journey of both our client and, while we're at it, ourselves!

They are designed to never take away from the text and the message therein by looking current but minimal. White but entertaining.

Our illustrations also have different derivative styles, and you will get to know them as we go.

Grapheec Branded Stickers

Until next one, and as always,

Thanks for being part of the Grapheec family!