Hiring An Agency vs. In-House: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Published on
April 18, 2022
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The world of today is characterized by online interactions and visibility in the world’s cyberspace. Business owners are faced with various challenges when it comes to SEO marketing and hiring the right talents to conduct digital marketing services for their companies. Different company sizes will often require varying services and structures, which can be better supplemented by an in-house team or an outsourced branding agency.

Choosing between employing a team to do work as contracted employees or gunning for a subscription-based creative agency will have its own pros and cons. It all depends on the goals you have set for your company and how well each will fit with your business structure. Here are some things to consider about hiring a branding agency versus hiring a team to conduct digital marketing services on-site:

About In-House Teams

Agencies typically deploy marketing teams to develop a company’s brand identity and strength better and quicker. Marketers who work in-house are more hands-on and in-depth while being in arms reach should anything seem unclear. Working in an office setting allows them to sustain projects and work closely with executive directors or those in specific positions for improved strategies.

One significant aspect of in-house marketing teams is building relationships and developing a better understanding of the work and office culture. In a sense, they become members of the team and can pick up things like style guides for bespoke SEO marketing campaigns and other promotional services. Each member gets to interact with the office setting, meaning that they develop stronger links with their surroundings.

However, you’ll have to consider that you’ll need to establish primary roles due to running a full-scale marketing team. What happens is that you’ll likely be hiring a whole group, which means paying individual salaries because of how they work for you under a contract. While you might be able to get away with social media marketing, content creation, SEO, and others with a few members, it’s always best to keep each position individually stacked. Additionally, you’ll have to consider analytics, product marketing, and web design as a way to supplement all marketing efforts.

About Hiring a Subscription-Based Creative Agency

A branding agency will be a good choice for smaller companies in their initial phases, as they can offer a full set of services based on a subscription plan. There is less to think about when signing up for a digital marketing agency’s services, as they already have a structure that contains a whole team of professionals.

All you’ll have to do is have your “wishlist” set out, along with a small plan to discuss how you want growth tackled by your branding agency. There are also many digital marketing agencies out there, and you’re never limited to your immediate vicinity. Whether you’re a business in Europe or Asia, you have the freedom to choose from any company you deem to be a good fit.

One thing that might prove difficult with a subscription-based creative agency is that there can be many miscommunications and a long adjustment period. The lack of physical interactions can be quite challenging to get points across, and choosing an agency in another time-zone can make it more challenging for prompt adjustments. If you feel like you need to always be on top of the game and with constant support from your marketing team, choose a digital marketing agency closer to your office space.


There are pros and cons to hiring a branding agency that is subscription-based versus an in-house team. Most of it boils down to your business needs and how much money you have to spend on marketing services. Overall, they are both great options that have become possible, thanks to the online sphere.

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