How to Craft Content That Sets You Apart from the Competition

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Most B2B companies today already know the value of content marketing in brand awareness and boosting sales. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 89 percent of marketers in B2B companies use content marketing to grow their business. It means, though, that simply creating content or hiring a content writing company isn't enough. Your content should give you a strategic edge—here are some things you could do to ensure that it does.

Know What Only You Can Produce

Your content needs to be innovative, insightful, and well-researched. Don't settle for producing things that people want. Study industry trends, keep up with what other companies are doing, note what is missing in their content, and focus on that. Your brand positioning and voice will benefit from new and relevant stances.

Learn about your customers' pain points through your sales professionals. Customer inquiries can help you produce better content; have conversations with customers and use these to inform your content strategy. Less than half of content marketers talk to customers for audience research, which means you could gain insights from it that other companies overlook.

Create Diversity in Your Content

Customers' preferences in the content they consume are constantly evolving. If you want to set yourself apart, you need to diversify. For example, if your website content writers only create articles, you can rework their posts into audio or video clips. You do not need a large budget to make short films. Interviews, screencasts, and webinars are all excellent choices for companies that want to keep costs low. Also, consider ways of making your long-form content visually interesting, and use all possible platforms to host and share your content.

Collaborate When Strategizing

Today, less than ten percent of B2B marketers believe that their company's content marketing strategy provides accurate measurement and insights for the organization. It should not be the case; successful solutions need to be connected, transparent, and collaborative. Don't keep expertise in a silo—connect with operations and other departments to enrich your content creation. Also, formalize your content marketing strategy. Document your key performance indicators and be diligent in measuring how your campaigns and team members perform.

Ask if customers are reacting to content through email campaigns, sales meetings, and other channels. Are the sales team members utilizing content in their strategy? Do internal communications reference client-facing messaging, and are employees aware of how their marketing efforts are faring with the public? You can measure success through Adwords, Google Analytics, and other platforms that show data on traffic and engagements.


Your content marketing strategy should help your business set itself apart from the competition. It should be more than just a constant stream of content; it needs to operate as part of the overall growth strategy. The marketing, sales, and internal communications teams need to collaborate and provide feedback to each other, so the marketing strategy matures. Also, your content should be unique and thought-provoking. Besides being in an accessible format, it should address issues and concerns that preoccupy your target audience.

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