How to Know When It’s Time For A Brand Refresh

Published on
April 18, 2022
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The business landscape is an ever-evolving workforce. The most successful corporations are those that can stay relevant by adapting with the times, while others fall behind as it fails to tap into a modern market. Jumping from a predominantly print society to a digitally-oriented world means there’s plenty of changes to welcome, even for those who already feel well-established.

Some things that are quickly becoming outdated are easier to spot - from a light bulb to fashion trends. Others are more difficult to acknowledge, such as whether your once strong brand identity needs a major uplift. If you’re wondering whether your company needs to a brand redesign, then the list below explores some tell-tale signs of old age:

1. Your Target Market Is Changing

A brand refresh isn’t about staying on top of trends and gimmicks, every change should cater to your current market’s needs. With that in mind, you need to observe your target audience and take a closer look at their interests.

The fast-food industry, for instance, once embraced the greasiness of quick and easy meals anyone can eat on the go. Nowadays, the market is demanding for cleaner and healthier food, which is why some fast-food brands are introducing locally grown produce in their line-up.

It’s all about refocusing your mission so you can offer something that will appeal to your consumers today.

2. Times Are Changing

While it’s true that you shouldn’t change your brand for the sake of looking hip, it’s important to ensure your visual identity is still suitable and relatable for the modern market’s taste. Take Google’s striking transition from its original ITC New Baskerville to the simple yet unforgettable Product Sans.

The change is enough to bolster its position in the modern era, promoting a cleaner, bolder look without sacrificing its brand equity. After all, progressing with the season means your business is flexible, allowing you to reinvent your brand in a way that reflects your foundation with a contemporary approach.

3. Sales Are Slowing Down

If you notice your sales are plummeting down even when you have fresh concepts for your products or services, it’s highly possible that your existing customers are losing interest in your brand.

If your presence has become tired over the years, customers will move on to your competition. While we don’t mean you should change your logo, it helps to analyze the changes you need to make to refresh your brand - be it elements such as the type font, adjusting your web design, and other details that can fix the issues with your old identity.

The Bottom Line: Giving Your Brand Design A Much-Needed Overhaul To Stay Relevant And Boost Engagement

No matter how unique and innovative your offers are to the marketplace, you need an established brand identity to make your target audience see the value of your products or services.

Part of what creates a prominent presence in this dog-eat-dog, internet-driven workforce is a great brand, something that global leaders like Google continue to ace at every turn of the virtual tide.

How Can We Help You Keep Up With The Times?

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