How to Reshape Your Digital Marketing Playbook for 2021 - Our Guide

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Rapid advancements in technology have shown businesses that keeping up with the times isn’t enough to succeed—if a company truly wants to make its mark, it needs to leap ahead. It’s no longer all about attracting new clients but retaining existing ones to create a loyal customer base. Businesses can leverage numerous avenues of communication to reach their customers. Dealing with the competition to drive value and make yourself stand out in an oversaturated market is stiff.

2020 has thrown thousands of businesses in for a loop, but 2021 brings new beginnings. With a vaccine in sight, the world may settle into a new kind of business as usual, but you’ll have to remain agile to stay competitive. Here’s how to reshape your digital marketing playbook for 2021:

Prepare for Smaller Budgets

COVID-19 has undoubtedly slashed budgets in many businesses, which have switched to survival mode to stay afloat and ride out the pandemic. However, these companies have also felt increased pressure to improve leads, especially as they’ve moved to expand their online presence.

Although things are slowly stabilizing, it’s best to prepare to work with a smaller budget. The world is still very much knee-deep in uncertain times, and the only way to succeed is to adjust to the change around you and adapt accordingly. That means changing your SEO marketing strategies to reduce costs and find the most efficient ways to achieve your desired results.

Become Adaptable

While being adaptable is an ideal characteristic to have during regular times, it becomes an absolute necessity during unstable situations. Preparing in advance isn’t enough; you’ll have to actively seek out disruptions and determine how they can affect your business. Instead of swerving to avoid change as much as possible, try to embrace it. Doing so will allow you to become strategically agile, ensuring that your company pivots when necessary to get ahead and move fast when the time is right.

Marketing is always changing and evolving regardless of the circumstances; if you don’t swim, you sink. The pandemic has shown how quickly businesses have shifted to new processes, systems, and technologies within a few weeks to abide by social distancing protocols and remain productive. The process has also made companies tune into their audience all the more and listen to what they want, enabling them to resonate with new consumer behaviors right away.

People’s buying habits have vastly changed thanks to COVID-19, so rapidly adapting to the evolving times will ensure that you’re agile and responsive to what your customers need from you. That way, you’ll stay on top and continue to leap ahead of your competitors regardless of the situation.

Gear Up for Digital Transformation

One of the most prominent features of the COVID-19 pandemic is the breakneck shift to digital. Companies that wanted to stay productive and profitable have expedited their moves to the online sphere, just as their customers started relying on the Internet to fulfill their needs. In fact, most companies have begun to emphasize their SEO marketing since most people were looking for new businesses through search engines. e-Commerce boomed, and it’s here to stay, given all its conveniences and benefits for all parties involved.

Although retail may be making a comeback in the next year or so, direct-to-consumer marketing has outshone other marketing types to be the most effective one yet. Like software as a service and subscriptions, different digital transformation types will become essential for enterprises to operate. Digital tools will continue to rise, so your digital marketing will become more critical than ever. Webinars and other virtual meetings will likely continue even after lockdown, so you’ll have to factor these into your strategy to make sure you support your customers and deliver a seamless user experience.

Going digital also means updating your image accordingly. Consulting a branding agency will ensure that you’re ready to embrace a digital transformation with open arms, ensuring that your messaging is consistent while you make a smooth transition.


Adapting is key to creating the most comprehensive digital marketing playbook for 2021, as many changes around the corner are sure to transform the playing field yet again. With these three tips, you’ll have a head start on preparing your company for next year by creating an agile digital marketing strategy that genuinely resonates with your target audience.

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