How to Write Better Copy in Less Time

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Anyone can write—you can put words together, create a sentence, and form a paragraph—but not everyone can create good copy content.

Technology has significantly altered humankind’s behavior and shifted businesses’ attention to video marketing and visual imagery to catch their audiences’ attention. However, words still hold some weight in the online world.

The Power of Copy

Copywriting consists of coming up with content for promotional materials. These promotional content can range from taglines, company slogans, to jingles—the list is endless!

A copy usually contains just a few words, but they can significantly impact a campaign’s success. With just those few words, you have to manage to catch the audience’s attention, leave an imprint on their minds, and influence them to buy that product or avail of that service.

Time Is of the Essence

A copy may be short, but it takes a long time and a lot of effort to master copywriting. One sales page or a simple tagline could take hours or even days to perfect—all because of the countless revisions and edits required to make it perfect.

Yes, writing good copy takes a lot of time—but creating excellent copy does not.

Writing copy in a shorter amount of time does not mean you don’t care about making mistakes—writing faster improves your work quality and makes your writing more straightforward and clearer.

Time Is Money

Writing copy faster is not just about saving time. Content writing companies are fast-paced—your clients won’t wait too long for you to finish. Writing faster can get you more projects and contribute to your success, but it is also about improving your skills to perfection.

To be a great copywriter, you must handle taking on many assignments simultaneously for a short amount of time. If you’re a website content writer, for example, you can’t spend hours upon hours writing a single 500-word article.
To earn more money, you have to write more articles. The longer you take to complete a project, the fewer your projects will be, and the lesser money you will earn!

Beat the Clock: How to Write Copy Faster

Writing faster does not mean your copy’s quality becomes poorer—the more experience you have, the easier it is to come up with an effective copy. Here are a few ways that can help you create copy in a shorter amount of time:

Time Yourself

You first have to measure your writing speed and see how long it takes you to write. Note down the speed you currently write and compare it to your ideal speed. This not only helps you see which areas to improve on, but this can also serve as your motivation to practice and be better.

You will be able to determine which topics you excel at and which ones you find more challenging to write. Once you’ve identified your weaknesses, you can choose not to take on those projects to save time, or you can work on them to make them your strengths.

Don’t Stop

No copywriter wants to do a poor job—each one aims to do their best and make everything perfect. However, striving for perfection may do more harm than good. The desire to be perfect causes you to obsess over every detail and perform many revisions, which takes a lot of time.

To overcome your perfectionist behavior, you must keep on writing. Don’t stop to edit a paragraph you just wrote—forget about the errors and just let your ideas flow. This will not only help you write naturally but also end up with you creating copy quicker!

Tap Into Your Flow State

Lose yourself in your writing—forget about form and grammar and just write! Entering the flow state greatly improves your focus and performance and allows you to write beyond your imposed limits. As a result, you manage to write better copy much faster.


Time can either make or break your writing career—if you want to have a successful career at a copywriting agency or a content writing company, you must learn to use time to your advantage. By following the tips above, you’re already one step ahead of the competition, and much closer to your goal of creating high-quality copy content.

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