Identifying Underperforming Content and How to Fix Them

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Content marketing is an integral part of your website’s engagement with its target audience and searchability on reliable platforms. It continues to be an enduring reality as Hubspot finds 60 percent of marketers that blog content creation is one of their top priorities. With that being said, your challenge is to ensure your content stays relevant and search engine-friendly. But what exactly makes a blog post underperform, and how can you restore its relevance?

This article will discuss the main reasons why you may be undergoing stagnant growth online due to your content’s performance from the backend, like from key performance indicators and search results pages. We will also talk about possible solutions you and your team can take to reinvigorate your blog posts. This way, you can maintain your online presence and rise above your competitors.

Why Is My Written Content Not Performing Well Online?

There are often many reasons why your blog posts are not generating the projected leads and confirmed purchases you need. Identifying them is the first step to finding ways to either reconfigure them according to your target audience’s demands or replace them with more effective, current data. Consider the following factors for your guidance:

  • Little-to-no direct customer engagement

If you have blog posts that are mismatched with the search engine users’ intentions, you can expect them to click off and fail to further engage with your brand. You may also lack follow-throughs from your call-to-action (CTA. That’s why you have to find ways to make even old posts engaging or produce blog posts that can last for a long period of time (also known as evergreen content).

  • Losing organic traffic

You cannot simply rely on pay-per-click advertising and sponsored posts to pull in prospective customers for your written content. It needs to be influenced by organic traffic, a self-sustaining model for online marketing since it’s relevant to its target audience and search engine algorithms. If you see a trend in losses, it means you have to change up the blog post and add more content.

  • Flopping post metrics

The main goal of content marketing is to ensure your users stay for a reasonable few minutes on your site, which is more commonly known as the session duration per page. If users tend to click off your blog posts at a staggering rate, your site can be deemed underperforming by search engines. As a result, your online presence gets affected and can continue to descend as your competitors rank higher.

How Can I Fix Underperforming Content?

Since there are often a number of factors involved with written content and their performance rating over time, it’s best to look into several fixes. This way, you can address it more effectively and expect better results. Work on the following solutions to bolster underperforming content:

Use internal links

The reality is you’re not the only expert in your industry. Therefore, when making content, it’s best that you are willing to identify with credible sources and have well-thought-out, compelling backlinks for your users’ benefit. This way, you can get on the search engine algorithm’s good side.

Rehash your keyword research and approach to optimization

Because the online marketplace is ever-changing, it’s a given that your blog posts may not perform as well as they should. Fortunately, you can find ways to tweak your approach and incorporate new, more appropriate long-tail keywords. Just ensure you are doing so with the proper marketing tools and research protocols to guarantee success.

Collaborate with creative professionals

Your site’s issues with organic traffic and search engine optimization can often be easily addressed with the help of a content writing company and its team of experienced website content writers. They have the expertise, deep knowledge, and capabilities to ensure you have consistent, high-performing content to improve your rankings. As such, it’s best to coordinate with them to bounce back quickly and maintain your relevancy.


Due to the high competition online, it’s understandable to have underperforming written content on your site. Fortunately, you now know how to address it properly. You just need to put your plans into action and find other ways to reinvent your production and marketing efforts. Optimize your blog for leads and engagement today!

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