Is Image SEO Important?

Published on
April 18, 2022
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In an internet-driven world where search engines reign supreme and the term “Google” has now become an official verb in the Oxford English Dictionary, then it’s safe to say that the importance of SEO to modern business is paramount.

People know that SEO can put their brand on the digital map and boost their visibility, but it’s easy to overlook the little ranking factors when things like mobile-friendliness, easy navigation, and keywords dominate SEO.

If you’re wondering what else you can do to improve your SEO, then optimizing your images may be the missing link that can put the spotlight on your business in search results:

What is Image SEO and Why Is It Important?

Incorporating high-resolution images isn’t enough to maximize the visual impact of your content. When it comes to image SEO, this particular tactic focuses on optimizing design elements in your website that heavily use media. It aims to create a balance between user-guided and results-driven, both of which you can do in two ways.

The first is to polish all the details that search engine crawlers can index, from the image size, attributes, filenames, captions, alignment, dimensions, and more. The next step is to generate value for your images by using high-quality visuals that support your message.

What can Image SEO Improve in Your SEO Strategy?

Something as simple as refining the alt-image descriptions, optimizing the file size, and guaranteeing the originality of the image can do wonders for the following aspects of your SEO:

  • Improve Site Load Time - High-quality images won’t do you any favors if it’s slowing down your site loading time. Be sure to adjust the image size accordingly without compromising its quality!

  • Better Rank in Image Search - Strong images on Google can prompt viewers to click on it and visit the source, so image SEO ensures you have all the proper information down to a pat to provide a seamless browsing experience.

  • Positive User Experience - Speaking of user-friendliness, image SEO can also boost engagement and reduce your bounce rate, especially when you use this to optimize your site load speed.

The Bottom Line: How Optimizing Your Images can Impact Your Ranking

They say that a picture can say a thousand words, but image SEO can ensure your message will be meaningful to your audience and your bottom line.

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