Web Designs Trends That May Dominate 2021

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Having a business in the technology industry can be demanding at times. Besides keeping up with the latest technology to keep your business at par with others, you need to exert effort to make your website look hip and up-to-date. If you want your business to stand out in this category, your website needs to look reliable and advanced.

Need some ideas? Here are the web design trends we anticipate to take over 2021:

Trend 1: Positivity and Hope

The year 2020 has been challenging, and people have wanted to escape it for so long. We are expecting the majority of people wanting to leave these negativities behind and start fresh again. However, it is not the type of positivity that completely forgets. The more challenges they face, the more they learn from the experience.

While not forgetting about all the eye-opening issues raised throughout the year, people will desire more inspiration and positive vibes. They will look forward to visual elements that will showcase more hope and aspirations. Being trapped inside for so long made them crave blue skies and the different aspects of nature.

Many will look forward to seeing joyful design elements on websites that will make them feel better. Happy images, fun fonts, and a bright aesthetic will be huge next year.

Trend 2: Immersive Experience

The implementation of lockdown and social distancing led people to find ways to tweak how they function. Brick-and-mortar stores started to invest in their online efforts. Some sped up the process of having an e-commerce website to survive the pandemic. Students learned to adapt to the online learning setup. Webinars, tours, fashion shows, and other events were held online, and people communicate with their loved ones via video messaging applications.

All these efforts are not new, but they indeed increased in popularity and value in 2020. Providing an immersive experience to the audience is one trend the Grapheec team expects to take place next year.

Brands are now finding ways to break the wall between their website and consumers, and this impressive connection is the best way to improve their online users' experiences.

Trend 3: Personalized UI

Another trend that we are expecting to see next year is the comeback of customizable interfaces and features. People appreciate it when they feel that they have control over things. This year's reintroduction of customizable features, like changing the theme and other elements on Facebook Messenger, in some of social media's chatting apps made the chatting experience more valuable. They can relate to their apps and sites better if they design them according to their liking. It is one offer that your website should consider next time.


Now that you know what web designs to expect in the new year, you can plan and make the necessary preparations. Choose what enhancements you want to apply to your existing or upcoming website and relay them to your web designer and web developer. To make the most out of your design investment, make sure to partner with a website design company specializing in technology and artistry.

Are you looking for web design companies to work with? We can help! Grapheec is a creative agency that can take care of your site's responsive design, coding and development, and hosting. Allow us to prepare your business to advance this coming year.