What to Do Before You Go On A Major Rebrand

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Branding is paramount for any given business. In this operation, you must create symbols, icons, designs, and other visual elements associated with your brand. Along with this is to be consistent with their publication in whatever platforms and ensure they resonate well with your target consumers. If these don’t make a difference in your business pursuits, then you might want to consider having a major rebranding!

In this article, we will share with you what to do before going on a major rebrand:

1. Know and understand your business

Before taking the plunge into rebranding, you must first go back to your business core. Of course, everything you do for your business must be anchored on its primary purpose, vision and mission, core values, and philosophies. Whether you’re doing marketing, sales, or other business pursuits, these must be in accordance with what your business aims to achieve, which also applies to your rebranding. If you truly know and deeply understand your business, it will be easier for you to figure out what to do next, as far as rebranding is concerned.

2. Plan your brand strategy

Now that you’re done revisiting your business core, it’s time to begin planning your brand strategy. It’s best to sit down with your marketing team or work with a creative agency to tackle your rebranding process. The planning usually involves determining your core identity, conducting an internal audit, performing competitive analysis and market research, and developing your personas. From there, you can come up with your brand messaging by setting your brand guidelines, positioning, establishing your value proposition, and creating messaging structure.

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3. Come up with a solid creative brief

At this point, you can come up with a robust creative brief that details your rebranding process. When it comes to this, you and your marketing team must be highly critical because there are a ton of things to execute. This typically includes coming up with your rebranding title, stating your objectives, setting your budget and project deadline, determining your target market, and implementing your branding strategies, as well as monitoring your performance. Ultimately, be sure to understand the branding problems you’re trying to solve so that you can execute the best creative solutions!

4. Consider buy-in at every phase

As with any business pursuit, buy-in is crucial, and this means having the utmost support and active participation of your team members. This is very important in every phase to ensure the entire process will go as smoothly as possible and yield desirable results. Keep in mind that rebranding doesn’t happen overnight, as it’s a long-term process. Because of this, you have to be patient by constantly monitoring your branding strategies and making some tweaks here and there until you have finally grown your brand!


At this point, you now realize that there’s more to your brand than meets the eye. Not only does it represent the actual identity of your business, but it also determines how it resonates with your target market. This is why you must do whatever it takes and work with a reliable creative agency to kick your brand up a notch for your business’s benefit!

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