Where Does SEO Fit in the Website Design Process?

Published on
April 18, 2022
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The online world of business is now dominated by tons of digital marketing tools. With different methods used for both long-term and short-term growth, there is simply an unlimited potential for digital marketing techniques. Any business can practically grow when the proper tools are used, and one of the best that is available today is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The ability to get your business to the top of search engine results pages is probably the best thing that can happen for your marketing efforts. If you’ve been using search engines for quite a while now, then you probably understand how important having first-page visibility is for your business. SEO marketing does just that, boosting your online visibility and presence if properly implemented.

How SEO Services Work in Tandem with Web Design

SEO marketing’s primary medium of communication is through content creation, whether it be blog posts, articles, or videos. Making cutting edge content is how you can set yourself apart from every other business that competes with you. However, this does not mean that content alone will save your business and make it great on its own.

Website design is equally important in today’s SEO marketing strategy, as Google’s algorithms are upgraded to meet specific standards of searching. One of the biggest challenges your site will face when it comes to this would be the bounce rates. Bounce rates are when people visit and leave your website right away due to any number of factors.

It has been found that a significant reason for increased bounce rates is linked to bad website optimization and design. Website design can be overdone or even under-done—which is what a professional design agency can assist with. Professionally done websites often have lower bounce rates because people are incentivized to stay because of how well the website looks.

SEO Services can Look and Work Better with Professional Website Design

Think of the time wherein you visited a site and immediately jumped out of it because of how visually unappealing it was or how it couldn’t be properly navigated. If they were selling a product, it is likely that you never even pulled through with purchasing or even finding out about it at all!

The way professional website design agencies work is that they create websites that are up to spec for the modern-day trends in online marketing. If you have a nice canvas to put very engaging content on, you can expect bigger growth in your online presence. Content is what gets people to stay on your page, while the website’s design supplements the content!

A big thing that many fail to do is optimize their websites for mobile devices. It is estimated that in 2020, almost all sites will mainly be accessed by mobile devices over desktops. This means that if your site is still badly optimized for mobile, this will cause even higher bounce rates, damaging your SEO scores heavily.

The Importance of Quality of Content

When you talk about content quality, it has a lot to do about tying in the proper keywords that attract search engine searches to your page. It is not merely about jamming as many keywords as you can within an article, as this will only end up making your SEO score worse.

Instead, organic content should be the main medium of your content marketing strategies. By producing well-written content that’s value-adding to your consumers, you add value to your branding—which in turn results in your consumers wanting to read more from your website. Along with that would come reduced bounce rates, higher SEO scores, and an overall better scheme for lead generation marketing.


Search Engine Optimization is one of the greatest long-term growth tools that can help any business elevate their presence on the online market. This year, the demand for SEO is getting greater, which is why your business should be investing more into SEO services for even better growth.

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