Why Competitor Analysis is Important in SEO

Published on
April 18, 2022
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Why Competitor Analysis is Important in SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is a competitive field with tons of websites vying for the same keywords. And as the web expands to accommodate more websites and businesses, the competition pool will get larger and larger. But instead of being disheartened by how much work you need to put in to beat the competition, put your energy into figuring out how the top dogs ended up where they are. Here are the essential reasons why competitor analysis is crucial to your SEO plan.

3 Main Reasons Why Competitor Analysis is Crucial

1. SEO is a Ranking Competition

Keeping track of your competitors is the same as keeping track of your standing. In your metrics, you will find where your rank lies among the businesses you’re tracking and their advantages over you.

Some websites have higher visibility, while others try to target as many keywords as they can. Don’t think of it as a race, but as a map to where you may want to go next. Competition keeps things up and exciting, especially when you surpass the competition after months of dedication.

2. Having a Competitive Edge is a Plus

Not all websites use the same strategies to get to the top. Some focus more on their off-page tactics and earn backlinks through different methods, such as email marketing, social media, or—if they’re desperate—buying them from blackhat sellers. Other websites like to rely on on-page methods such as frequent posting and keeping ad spaces on. Knowing about your competitors can give you a competitive advantage.

Just because you know how others do things doesn’t mean that you should follow in their footsteps. You can earn your competitive edge by excelling in places where your competitors are weak and trying better ways to surpass them.

Target the keywords they missed out on, try other backlinking methods, or publish more frequently than they do. Whatever gap you can find in their methods, try to level up from them.

SEO can take a while before you see the results of your hard work, but as long as you trust the process, you will gain traction that your competitors may not see coming.

3. Fast Way to Grow is to Learn from Competitors

Many competitors started from scratch, so imitating what they got right can get you to your goals faster. Learning from others is always a better way to do things than to figure things out yourself. Instead of contemplating how you can make it yourself, try doing things their way before branching out to other methods.


Instead of letting pride get in the way of good SEO work, let strategy take over and start competitor analysis. Even if your competitors are way ahead of you, you can learn from them about how you can do better. You will pave your success in the field yourself, but conducting a proper competitor analysis is a step in the right direction.

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